White Ivory presents a boutique Bed and Breakfast. We combined traditional Thai arts with contemporary touch resulting in sophisticated Colonial and Modern decoration.

Located in Thonburi, area of the old capital city of Siam, our guests have an opportunity to absorb into the remnant of old conventional lifestyle, which is rarely seen from other typical tourist attractions. Street food vendors are readily available on both sides of the street as you take a stroll along a number of local marketplaces. Witnessing the morning Buddhist monk food accepting walk or joining many local temples to make merit, you are assured to expose to the Thai way of life.

Fresh Market

Within a 5 minute walking distance from our hotel, you will find yourself surrounded by fresh daily harvested vegetables and fruits, as well as snacks and local fashion clothing at the farmer market, famous for its cheaper prices and bargains. Opens everyday from 6 am to 10 am.

Local Restaurant

Another great alternative for eateries on both sides of the street, and minutes from our hotel are local food restaurants which, many world famous Thai dish await, noodles, rice and toppings, Pad Thai, and delicious traditional Thai desserts at the average price of 50 Baht per dish. You will be amazed by the considerable amount of food you are served!

Local Market

This local market is only 300 meters away from our hotel. You will be able to witness the traditional local lifestyle while enjoying a selection of food, traditional desserts, local delicacies, and even fashionable clothes at a very reasonable price! Opens only Mon, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 7.30pm.

Clothes Market (Klong-Sarn Market)

Klong-Sarn Market has been the famous marketplace on Thonburi area for over decades. You can enjoy a distinguishingly small budget shopping and fantastic food stalls throughout the entire area. Also, one on our must-try desserts list is Bua-loy, a traditional dessert consisting of colorful steamed dough in sweet coconut milk.

Sawettachat Temple

Temple ground stands an ancient construction of old Ayutthaya Kingdom, located at 10 minute walk from our hotel. This temple is a house of magnificent Buddha statues in various posts, and the main Buddhist institution for the locals of Thonburi. This is a perfect place to experience various Buddhist rituals such as a procedure of food providing to monks, making merits or meditation and many others. Also, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Chaopraya river on site!

Dawn Temple (Wat Arun)

Constructed and completed in the great Ayutthaya Kingdom, and housing beauty of an ancient stupa, you will be subjected to a historical atmosphere at this temple here, not far from our hotel. It offers a scenic view of Chaopraya river that ranks on top of any attraction list of Bangkok city. Transportation can be arranged by a Tuk-Tuk or taxi within 15 minutes from our hotel.

Klong Bang Luang or Klong Bangkok Yai

This artist house community is situated on the bank of Bang Luang canal since the period of the great Ayutthaya Kingdom. Predominantly filled with historical atmosphere of traditional lifestyle, you will be delighted to witness on a floating boat ride along the canal.

Artist’s House

House to the ancient Goldsmith family, now open to public as a gallery exhibiting arts in the form of paintings and photographs. There is a showcase of handmade jewelry; you can take a sip of coffee as you visit, admiring the scenic view of locals who live by the canal. They also offer a showcase of small-theater traditional puppet shows, another activity that will fill your sightseeing day with fascinating Thai culture knowledge. Opens daily from 10am to 6pm.

Trok Wanglung (Second-hand Market)

Along this route is the main trading area of old Thonburi that continues to present dates. Local market offers a great number of food vendors and shops for new and second-hand goods, which is fun to bargain. Besides, the area is home to many important government institutions such as Siriraj Hospital, old train station, and The Royal Thai Navy base of Bangkok. Only 15 minutes away from our hotel, you can make a visit daily from 10am to 4pm.

Community Mall

A shopping center consisting of a supermarket and many famous Thai chain restaurants, a pizzeria, Japanese restaurants, a wine cellar and many more. There are banks, bookstores, lingerie shops and an Apple store, something for everyone who are looking for other types of sophisticated shopping. Located 10 minutes away from the hotel, it opens daily from 10am to 9pm.